Starting on the right foot

I wrote today. It is something I look forward to and something that makes me cringe at the same time because it doesn’t usually come easily for me. I’ve shared this thought before and my friends who are writers have my absolute respect because it is not an easy task. Though I would never claim to be very good, I am willing to sit down and get my thoughts on paper (well, electronic paper anyway) for the purpose of communicating ideas for further consideration and conversation. Today I wrote the Presidents’ Notes article for the Mid-Day Women’s Alliance.

This month, I wrote about a short poem that we recite at the start of each meeting and how some phrases in the poem serve as wonderful reminders, even if I fall short of staying true to those reminders quite often.

I’m so glad this group starts each meeting with this and I would like to see this practice be put in place at every meeting I attend in order to get everyone into the right mindset for the work ahead. It seems I’m off to a good start already to be honest. My Girl Scout troop starts each meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance, the Girl Scout Promise, and the Girl Scout Law. My monthly Membership Committee meetings at church begin with a devotional. Even my daughter’s Cross Country team does it with their chant to get everyone psyched up for a great race (“Jays on Three, Jays on Three, 1 -, 2-, 3 Jays!” ) I wonder how my clients would react to this idea? Well, there’s only one way to find out.

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