So the story goes…

For those of you who know my husband, you know he enjoys telling stories.  Years ago he told me the story of his friend Dan who absolutely adores Jimmy Stewart, (think man-crush sort of adore!) so much that when he was planning his wedding he decided to invite Mr. Stewart. Now, you might be thinking “Seriously? Did he really think Jimmy Stewart was going to come to his wedding?” The answer to that question is that Dan didn’t care – he invited him anyway.

Well, he didn’t come to the wedding but he DID send an autographed picture of himself with his arm around the 6-ft tall rabbit Harvey (remember that movie!?) with a “Best Wishes” sort of greeting to the happy couple. Pretty cool, when you stop to think about it really. Anyway, Jeff shared this story with me because we were talking about how many times people tend to not get what they want simply because they don’t ask. The promotion at work for example. Have you asked for it?  The shift change from 3rd to 1st. Do they know you want to work on 1st shift? And for couples, have you asked him to hold your hand when you walk around together? Or does he just not do it, and you silently resent him for it? There are many examples but, I’m sure you get the idea. After this conversation with Jeff, I wrote this in my planner as a reminder to myself: “You know what the answer will be if you don’t ask.”

Now fast forward another year and a half. Jeff and I had gotten engaged on September 10, 2011 (yes, 9/10/11 – easy to remember!) and I decided I wanted to give him something really meaningful as a wedding gift. An idea came to mind. Amy Grant and Vince Gill are two artists that Jeff really enjoys listening to, we’d even been to several concerts of theirs together. I went online and found the songbook from her album “Somewhere Down the Road” and thought that would make a good Christmas gift, but wasn’t really wedding gift material. Then I noticed a picture of Amy and Vince together, he is standing behind her with his arm wrapped around her shoulders, and her hands are holding onto his arm – a completely loving embrace.

Any Grant and Vince Gill

Remembering Jeff’s story about his friend Dan, I ordered the songbook and the photo. When they arrived, I immediately typed a letter to Amy Grant and sent it along with the photo I’d just received, a self-addressed stamped mailing envelope, and a sharpie. My request was not answered in time to give this as a gift to Jeff on our wedding day. Instead, it arrived this past Friday afternoon. A photo, and a story, my husband and I will cherish to the end of our days.

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